Australian Operator Training is committed to ensuring that all Students are provided with information about and access to the support services and resources that are available to assist them successfully complete their studies.

To ensure you are enrolling into a training course you can complete, Australian Operator Training will provide advice about the requirements of the course that you want to enrol in and determine your existing skills and competencies.

This is a conversation which helps the trainer to learn about the student, and the support they may need if they are to successfully progress through the course.

Australian Operator Training will be able to determine at the end of the conversation with a prospective student, any support needed for the student to be able to successfully complete the course.

We will be able to understand better the following:

  • Language, literacy, numeracy and digital (LLN & D) levels
  • Whether the student may require support to improve their LLN & D levels
  • Understanding the skills and experiences of the student, and how these may impact on their course progress
  • Conditions that may require adjustment of training and assessment methods. Some examples of adjustments are:
  • Flexibility with timing
  • The use of alternate technologies and resources.

We will then look at the support required and close any gaps that you may have.

Australian Operator Training is committed to:

  • Supporting diversity, inclusion and accessibility and creating equitable opportunities for Student success
  • Ensuring all Students have access to appropriate academic and non-academic support
  • Making reasonable adjustments to accommodate Student and cohort circumstances
  • Communicating proactively with Students who are not making satisfactory Academic Progress to ensure they are aware of support services available to assist them address factors impacting their progress
  • Recommending access to appropriate services for students identified as needing additional support to pass their courses

We do this by:

  • Determining support needs for students before enrolment
  • Observing students for signs of requiring support as they progress through their course
  • Responding to a student’s need for support
  • Identifying practical solutions for students if they require support
  • Identifying and engaging support services for students
  • Supporting students who are learning remotely
  • Responding to the needs of overseas students and complying with the National Code.


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