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We currently offer a number of courses that you can undertake online but we will be adding more courses over the coming weeks.
You can find a list of current online courses here

If there is a course that you would like to see online, please let us know via our contact us page so that we can investigate whether it is something that we can offer in the future.

Each course has its own set of requirements and prerequisites. Please review the course description of the course you are interested for more information.
At a minimum you will require the following information at the time of enrolment.”

  1. USI – Unique Student Identifier
  2. A clear scanned copy of your current drivers licence (both sides)
  3. A copy of your previous Statement of Attainment
  4. Use the latest web browser version. We recommend using Google Chrome or FireFox because older versions of Internet Explorer are out dated and doesn’t play nice with our online platform. If you don’t have Google Chrome or FireFox you can download the latest versions here and here

If  you have further questions, please contact us.

Enrolling into a course is pretty straight forward. Head over to our Online Training Portal

First Time Online Students

If this is your first time on this site, you will firstly need to create a User Account. This can be done by completing this free registration form.
Please write down your password because you will need it to login to the Online Training Portal.
Once you have registered successfully, your login details will also be emailed to the email address you entered on the Registration Form. Please check your spam folder if you don’t receive it within 10 mins or so.

Once you have created your User Account, please login here:

Returning Online Students

If you have previously completed a course or have previously registered with a User Account, you will need to login.
Please login here:

Note that if you have previously registered, the system will not allow you to complete another User Registration form.

Enrolling into a Course

After login, you will be presented with your user profile page. It will display your name, username, email address and listed below that will be a list of courses that you enrolled into.
If it is blank, that means you have not enrolled into any courses.

To enrol into an online course, please visit the list of available courses and select a course. Complete the Enrolment Form and provide all the required information, including uploading requested documents.  Note: If the provided information is inaccurate, incorrect or missing, we will not be able to issue your Statement of Attainment until that required information is provided.

It normally takes about 48hrs for us to verify, print and issue your Statement of Attainment from when you complete your online course. If you would like to receive your Statement of Attainment the same day as the day of completion, please lodge a Priority Issue Request by phone. Priority Issue Requests incur a charge of $50.

Please note that your certificate issue will be delayed if we are still awaiting information or documents from you so be sure to provide us with all the required information at the start.

To be eligible for an Online Refresher Course, such as the Standard 11 Surface Refresher Course, you will need to provide us with a copy of your current Statement of Attainment.
You will be required to upload this and other documents during your course enrolment process.

If you don’t have a current certificate or your certificate has expired, it might be necessary to undertake a full Standard 11 Course.

Still not sure?
Probably best to contact our office and we’ll put you on the right path.

If you have been given a Coupon for one of our online courses you still need to go through the same process as listed above.
That is

  1. Create a new User Account (if you haven’t done an online course with us before)
  2. Login to the Online Training Portal
  3. Click on the course you wish to enrol (Coupons are specific to courses so it will only work for the course your employer has nominated)
  4. Complete the enrolment form (answer questions, upload documents etc) at the bottom of the form enter the Coupon code and then click “Apply”.
    This will reduce the fee to zero (or whatever discount your employer has nominated)
  5. Navigate to and at the bottom of your user profile will be the course(s) you have enrolled into.
  6.  Click on the course name to be taken to the first lesson.
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