Course Feedback

Why does Australian Operator Training ask students to complete a Course Feedback form?

ASQA Standard 10.15 – Course monitoring and evaluation states:

“VET accredited courses must identify course monitoring and evaluation processes which will ensure that the course content and outcomes are revised and remain current and relevant throughout the period of accreditation.”

Course Feedback form is a document used to determine the comprehensiveness and quality of a training course from the trainee’s point of view. It serves as a tool for human resources professionals and development managers to systematically gather feedback from trainees and trainers after a training session.

Overall, a training feedback form helps identify areas for improvement, refine training content, and enhance the learning experience for participants. Whether it’s a workshop, seminar, or online training, gathering feedback through these forms contributes to continuous improvement in our training courses.

You can choose to remain anonymous if you like as well.

Course Feedback
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Overall, how satisfied are you with the training provided?
The information I received about my course before I enrolled (signed up) was factual and accurate.
My training provider gave me advice about how the course would meet my needs before I enrolled (signed up).
I understood the length of the course, study requirements and assessment (test) methods before I enrolled (signed up).
My rights and responsibilities as a student were explained to me before I enrolled (signed up).
The payment terms and conditions, including any loan arrangements, were clear to me when I enrolled (signed up).
I was aware of my training provider's refund policy when I enrolled (signed up).
My training provider has asked me if I have any special learning needs.
I was given information about support services available to me as a student.
Staff members respected my background and needs.
I know I can get help if I have a problem or find the course difficult.
Australian Operator Training supported me to use technology and access the learning resources I need to complete my course.
I understand how to make a complaint if I am unhappy about my training or support services.
My trainer was professional and knowledgeable about my course subject.
The amount of training I receive was enough to allow me to practice new skills before I am assessed (tested).
I have access to good quality learning resources and facilities.
The assessment activities were fair and are clearly explained to me.
The course has been well designed with the mix of both practical and theory assessment
I am given helpful feedback on my assessment tasks.
The course I completed met my work, career or study needs.
I understood what was required to successfully complete my course.
I value the training provided by Australian Operator Training
I would recommend Australian Operator Training to my friends, family and colleagues.
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