Operating heavy machinery is a specialized skill in construction and mining. Those who are looking to start or add to their skillset in this field would benefit from taking earthmoving courses from an accredited nationally recognised training program.

The benefits of training are numerous but the most common reason for signing up for training is career advancement. It is practical for companies to send their high potential employees to get additional earthmoving tickets or simply to enhance their skills as an operator.

Australian Operator Training provides the best earthmoving courses and assessment for earthmoving machinery tickets that help advance careers in the fields of civil construction and mining.

Our earthmoving courses are nationally recognized to develop skills specifically needed to understand the technicalities as well as the competency of operating heavy equipment. Experienced operators conduct the training in the classroom as well as on the field for hands-on training.

Skid Steer Loader


Road Roller



Wheel Loader

Bull Dozer


For those who want to learn to operate earth moving equipment, this is the right place to train and jumpstart your career

The length of each course varies according to the individual needs of the participants. Those who have prior experience may take a two-day course for additional units of competency. Those who are just looking to enter the civil construction industry will need more intensive training both in theories and practical application. They will also need to pass the assessment to earn one or two earthmoving tickets before they can find employment in this field.

In order to operate heavy machinery, one needs precision and competency.

Our training courses are developed with a deep understanding of the technicalities involved in the machinery as well as countless hours of experience in the application of these concepts.

Every training course gives participants a chance to gain nationally accredited units of competency that push their career forward.

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