Standard 22 Competencies
Recognised Standard 22 states a way for a Site Senior Executive (SSE) to develop and maintain a management structure in accordance with the Coal Mining Safety and Health Act 1999 (CMSHA) to ensure the risk from coal mining operations is at an acceptable level.

About the course

SSEs are required to develop a Management Structure for the development and implementation of the Safety and Health Management System [SHMS] for their mine.

SSEs have the obligation to determine the competency requirements of positions delegated responsibility under the SHMS and to document those competencies in their Management Structure to ensure operations are at an acceptable level of risk. The competency requirements must be relevant to the risks at the mine and ensure the development and implementation of the mine’s SHMS.

Recognised Standard 22 applies to all Coal Mines as defined under the CMSHA and relates to the requirements of sections 7, 41, 42, 55, 60 and 66 of the CMSHA.

Course Inclusions

• Training conducted by industry experienced Coal mine workers and students will gain first-hand experience from our instructors and work through a series of real-life scenarios.

• Knowledge on relevant legislation and Australian Standards for Qld Coal Mining

Competencies we are offering

RIIRIS301E Apply the risk management process

RIICOM301E Communicate information

RIIWHS301E Conduct safety and health investigations

RIIENV301E Conduct Atmospheric Monitoring

RIIRIS402E Carry out the risk management process (G2)

RIIMEX405E Apply and monitor systems and methods of surface coal mining

RIIMPO401E Supervise Mobile Plant

RIIMPO403E Apply and monitor heavy and light vehicle Interaction and Mining Equipment

RIIPRO401E Supervise Processing Operations

RIISAM401E Apply site plant, equipment and infrastructure maintenance management plan

RIIWHS403E Apply the work health and safety management system

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