Standard 11 Mining Induction
The Standard 11 Mining Induction is a Queensland mining industry safety and induction course for anyone transitioning to work in the mining industry

About the course

The purpose of this recognised training is to ensure coal mine workers are adequately trained in the ‘Recognised Standard 11, Training in coal mines’, core units of competencies and to meet the health and safety obligations contained in the Coal Mining Act 1999.

Mines focus on safety by implementing risk management processes for everything occurring on site. This reinforced the introduction of a uniform standard of training that would be used across Queensland mining industry.

Australian Operator Training’s industry-recognised Standard 11 induction aims to provide participants with the skills and knowledge to safely and competently undertake work in a mining environment.

The program provides learners with Skills that are fundamentally important to the mining industry such as hazard identification, risk control, isolation and tagging, communication, manual handling, use and control of hazardous substances (and others) are an integral part of the Standard 11 course.

Course Outline

General Mining Overview

 Mining Legislation, Rules, and Regulations

Roles and responsibilities of key mining personnel

Offences and penalties

Safety and health management system, including work place procedures and documentation

General Mine Site Safety

Managing Workplace Hazards

Risk Management

Isolation and Tagging Procedures, Permits to Work and Defect Reports

Traffic and Mobile Equipment Procedures

Emergency Procedures

Life Saving First Aid

 Fire Fighting & Fire Prevention

Protecting the Environment

Following site Work Processes

 Training and licencing requirements

Fitness for work, mental health and general workplace safety

Work planning

Site communication equipment and systems 

Course Inclusions

Training conducted by industry experienced Coal mine workers and students will gain first-hand experience from our instructors and work through a series of real-life scenarios.

• Two x 8-hour day’s of training. Up to 12 trainees per course. A typical course runs from 07:30-15:30

• Knowledge on relevant legislation and Australian Standards for Qld Coal Mining

Participants must

Be at least 16 years of age


We supply all equipment necessary for you to undertake training.




Appropriate clothing, closed-in footwear.

National units of competency

• RIIERR205D – Apply initial response first aid

• RIIRIS201E – Conduct local risk control

• RIICOM201E – Communicate in the workplace

• RIIGOV201E – Comply with site work processes/procedures

• RIIWHS201E – Work safely & follow WHS policies and procedures

• RIIERR302E – Respond to local emergencies and incidents


Students who are assessed as competent will receive a Statement of Attainment recognised under the Australian Qualifications Framework. This certification is nationally recognised. The Statement is issued by Australian Operator Training (RTO 41351).

$ 675.00 AUD 

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
About this course:

2 day’s



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